When You Need a Side Hustle for Quick Extra Cash

When You Need A Side Hustle For Some Fast Extra Cash. As In Yesterday!

side hustle, quick cash, extra cashSometimes you just need a side hustle so you can make some extra cash fast. Like yesterday! Some unexpected bills, a car repair, an upcoming vacation you’re dying to take, money to invest in your startup or blog, the reasons are endless but the realities are the same. You need to bring in some fast cash. I’m here with some ideas to help you earning side hustle money – FAST!

Get Paid For Your Opinion

Survey Junkie is a free website where you get paid for your opinions and is a great side hustle. You can take quick surveys online anywhere, anytime and from any device. Who doesn’t love that?! Take advantage of nap time, downtime or anytime to make some extra money! The surveys add up quickly and you can make up to $10-20 per hour giving them your honest opinion! Try Survey Junkie and earn $10 just for registering today! It’s so easy to get started and earn money right away with Survey Junkie!

PRO TIP: I highly recommend registering with several paid survey companies for a few reasons. It’s good to have more than one company sending you potential surveys so you have several survey options to choose from every week. It’s also good to do your own comparison to see which kinds of surveys you enjoy more and which companies pay the best per survey. Registering with just one company could leave you with fewer options and less of a steady income. I would start with Survey Junkie and then go down the list and after a few weeks you can filter some out.

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Honey is my favorite new way to save and earn! I love it because it automatically applies the best coupon code to whatever I’m buying online! How great is that? I’ll never have to search for another coupon code while I’m checking out again. It’s a simple browser extension and I already used it to save money on an Amazon purchase I just made. And, it’s free! And for the side hustle aspect, for everyone you refer to Honey via a link on your blog or social media with your link you will earn $5! Now that’s awesome! Try Honey today!

Vindale Research is another great survey site where you can answer market research questions about cutting edge and state of the art new products which are going to be released soon. You will not only make side hustle money but you’ll also be getting to learn about brand new products before everyone else does. You can even earn a quick $1 bonus if you sign up with Vindale Research today!

Start a Blog

Blogging is one of the best side hustles I’ve personally found. It does take some time to get it up and running but you can truly become your own boss and the startup costs are so low. It’s honestly cheaper than one Starbucks coffee per month! I got my hosting through Bluehost and if by using them with this link I’ll throw in your domain name for free! Start Your Blog Today Easily In Ten Minutes!

You can also look at some of the blogging courses I recommend on my resources page as those have helped me build my blog and monetize it faster!

side hustle, extra cash, quick cash

Affiliate Marketing

I already know what you’re thinking. You don’t like selling and I feel you. Affiliate Marketing is more like recommending or promoting rather than selling. Plus, Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest ways to make passive income from your blog or niche site. I took Michelle Shroeder-Gardner’s Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Course where she shares exactly how she makes $50,000 per month with affiliate marketing.

Once I took her course I was making money from my blog within a few weeks and I’ve already paid for the cost of her course many times over. I can highly recommend the course and the access you get to Michelle herself in her private Tailwind Tribe and Facebook group which are for her students only. Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing is a no brainer and I wish I had taken it sooner!

How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours! This is an e-book from House Of Brazen. And I need to be honest with you, while I didn’t make my first affiliate sale in 24 hours with this course, it is entirely possible to do so. I had already been making affiliate sales but I wanted to take this course to learn more about affiliate marketing and in doing that realized what a great side hustle this could be. You just have to be motivated and do exactly as she says. And the best part about it is that you don’t even need a blog to make money with affiliate sales with her course! And she only charges $40 which is a bargain and you could make it back in your first week with her Ebook – grab your copy here!

Share A Sale is one of the affiliate marketing networks where I find affiliates to promote. Signing up is free and once you’re approved you can get started with them this week! It would help to have taken Michelle’s Course or How To Make Your First Affiliate Sale In 24 Hours before you sign up with them so you’ll know how to put the power of Share A Sale to work for you.

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Lyft is a great way to earn extra money and you can pick your own hours and set your own schedule. Drive as much or as little as you want! Your wallet will thank you for driving with Lyft!

Host For Airbnb

Become an Airbnb host! Renting out your spare room or create a spare room to rent on Airbnb. A friend of mine recently went out of town and opted to stay in an Airstream trailer that was being rented through Airbnb. The couple wanted to add another income stream but didn’t have a spare room to rent out so they purchased a used Airstream trailer, fixed it up themselves,  parked it on their property and listed it on Airbnb. It was just adorable and created a nice second income for that young couple.

Sell Your Stuff

I don’t know about you but my closet is FULL of clothes I don’t wear. Many of them even still have the tags on them! I recently did a closet clean out and came up with a bunch of clothes to sell. I listed them on Poshmark and voila! I’ve already sold a few pieces here and there. The app makes it so simple to snap a picture and create the listing and they calculate the shipping for you and make it SO easy to sell your extra clothes! Poshmark definitely gets my thumbs up or the side hustle win!

Freelance On Fiverr

Freelancing – Become a Virtual Assistant or freelancer on Fiverr. Something that comes really easily to you might be someone else’s need that they just don’t have the time or skills for. Search up all your skills and find other freelancers similar to you to help you figure out market rates and what services you might also be able to offer. Bookkeeping, Making pin worthy pins, Pinterest Account management, WordPress skills, writing resumes or cover letters. it’s all up to you on Fiverr. All payments are handled online so no need to worry about processing someone’s credit card or wait for their check, Fiverr handles all of that for you!

Drive For Instacart

Wanna get paid for doing something we already do for free? Try driving Instacart! What is that, you say?! Instacart is a grocery delivery app where you the customer places an order and you shop and deliver it to them. The app is incredibly intuitive and I have a friend who regularly makes between $20-$30 an hour driving for Instacart in the Los Angeles area.

Ramping up is also quick and easy and you could be earning money this week! Then app even helps you track your earnings so you can make sure you’re coverage your gas, car insurance and expenses of running your car. Side hustles, like everything else, must be profitable to make sense!  I wrote a post about How To Make $1,000 Driving Instacart This Month which you can check out here!

Side hustles can be a fun way to earn extra income, try new things make new connections and build up your skills. You could even try a couple of the side hustles mentioned above and see which ones are the best fit before you settle on something longer term. Think of it as research until you find your perfect side hustle or a combination of a couple that work for you!

Sell Digital Products & Printables On Etsy Or Shopify

Digital Products and Printables are so easy to create on Pic Monkey or Canva and sell on Etsy or Shopify. The best part is that you set up shop and fill your shelves with your digital creations and they can be making sales 24/7 all around the world!

Dog Walking

This is a fun one and can really add up to some great fast extra cash. Post on Next Door or your local Craigs List that you’re available to walk dogs. Another way to find clients is by advertising in office buildings where busy executives may not have time to go home during the day to let their dogs out might be looking for you!

Extra Bonus! I Call These My Mini Side Hustles

Apps That Pay You Cash Back!

While we all love a great side hustle, these cash back apps are more like my mini side hustles. Plus, it’s also nice to save money wherever and whenever we can!

Ibotta is a free app that pays you cash for everyday purchases. Ditch the coupons and get cash back the fun and easy way by scanning your receipts! Ibotta has exclusive offers at your favorite grocery stores, retailers and shops. No more searching around for offers, coupons or discount codes – find the best deals and get cash back every time with Ibotta! Plus with my link you’ll receive a $10 as a welcome bonus just for signing up!

I signed up yesterday and got a few dollars back just by scanning the receipts I already had in my wallet from the grocery and drug store shopping I had done the day before! Imagine if I did that weekly how quickly that would add up!

Another great cash back app is Swagbucks which lets your earn gift cards for watching videos, doing surveys and online shopping! It’s a perfect way to turn a little bit of free time into extra cash! A true mini side hustle.

side hustle, quick cash, extra cash

Do you know of any other side hustles that have worked for you or a friend? Let us know about any other great side hustles you’ve tried by email: [email protected]

Some Of My Favorite Resources…

*This page contains affiliate links which means that if you click on a link I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. I only recommend things I personally use and like. Thank you for supporting my blog!

I also want to say that blogging is one of the best side hustles I’ve found. It’s low-cost, can be done remotely and when you put the work in, it can provide passive income that comes in even on days when you can’t make it to your laptop! The first day I made an affiliate sale on my blog I was sitting on the beach with some friends in town! That was THE BEST feeling EVER! Start Your Blog Today!

To help you start your blog today, here are some of my favorite blogging resources…

Bluehost: I’ve been with them from the beginning and have had nothing but a great experience. You can self-host your blog for as little as $3.95/month plus with my link you’ll also get a free domain ($10 value!)

Tailwind: My go to Pinterest scheduler – I can’t say enough how much I love this amazing tool!  Tailwind has automated my pinning and I simply couldn’t live without it! I started with the basic plan and have since upgraded to their unlimited tribes power up so I can make the most of my tribes and their reach to grow my traffic!

FiverrFreelancers can be invaluable to bloggers. Finding someone in a pinch to help you with an aspect of your blog can save you time and make you money!

Canva: A blogger’s best friend when it comes to making click-worthy pins, printables, blog or facebook banners and everything in between!

You can also find a full list of my favorite resources and online tools here! 

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*This post may contain affiliate links which means if you click a link on this page and make a purchase we may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. We only recommend products we use and love. Thank you for supporting our blog!  Our polices page can be found here. 

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